The rule is on basis of Tower defence game. But game is not real time progress. Enemies consume their dices(=life) and attack your dice game map.

Four native american shaman defend their totem towers. They are look like a ghost, a bird, a girl, and a stele.

"Go back 4 panels", "Lose a turn", "Level down", "Stop if dice is odd number", and so on. There are 80 variation traps which you can set on the field.

Release will be the end of 2012. Please check designer's twitter and our other games.


 Wooden pawn
 Dice x5. Slow and few dices.
 Dice x3. Few but fast dices.
 Dice x3. It can transfer someone to the center of map.
 1 ton rock
 Dice x8. It have tolerance against shift trap.
 5 ton rock
 Dice x8. It have tolerance against shift trap.
 Dice x8. It can destroy trap.
 Dice x4. It can destroy trap.
 Dice x8. It can destroy trap.
And more. Totems are attacked by 50 over enemies.

Dogmabooks is developing for both Androd and iOS.
The game will be available in the end of 2012.